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Posted on Apr 21, 2016 in play piano

play perfect piano

play perfect piano

Hello and welcome to our little blog site on playing perfect piano.

I have been a fan of the piano for years now and still to this very day struggle to put a few chords together and make a decent sound. The truly amazing part about the piano is you can learn when you are 4 years old right up until you too old stretch your fingers across the keys.

My sister played the piano for years and I often sat and watched her play, waiting for the call to join in the” heart and soul” tune. A merger role, but it made me feel good and felt like I had my small taste of this wonderful instrument. Like almost everything today, technology has taken a grip on society and the art of learning and mastering the piano has become easier. I wouldn’t say it’s taken a shine of it but it does sadden me a bit to hear my 8 year jump on the iPad and belt out a tune with really no idea more than it “sounds good dad”

I doubt anyone will ever grow old of siting back and watching a master play the grand piano with a 50 piece orchestra behind them but we can’t sit back and think that technology will only get better and the true art form of playing a perfect piano will slowly disappear.


This blog is on everything piano. Playing it perfectly, lessons, iPad, technology and just the wonderful sound. So be sure to check in once and a while and see what we have posted. If it’s about a piano, you may just find it – right here.




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