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Posted on Apr 21, 2016 in ipad piano

Ipad piano

Ipad piano

Well today I thought it hard to look past an article I read about the famous makers of handmade pianos since 1853, Steinway & Sons. This company has been known to stay straight down the line when it comes to tradition but these days, you simply have to keep up with the jones’s especially with the fast pace of the tech world and music streaming.

The famous piano maker is announcing the first major invention in a very long time. Some say it’s been fifty years or more. It’s called SPIRIO. Now I think I mentioned how I loved to hear my sister play the piano in my first blog. We have been trying to get her back on the keys for some time now. The name of the app reminds me of her loving husband who has a strong Italian accent, even after all these years. I can just see his face storming out of his office a Business Accountants Perth WA asking where that noise is coming from and how it’s distracting his clients. He never did have an appreciation for this wonderful instrument

Steinway have taken this pretty seriously and have been developing this for a number of years now. i imagine it will come in handy should the pianist in a live orchestra needs to take a bathroom break. I can’t help think of a B grade horror movie when the keys a moving and sound screaming with nobody sitting in the chair.

We will follow this one very closely and report back soon.


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