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Posted on May 23, 2016 in General

Piano Emotions

Piano Emotions

The sound of a piano can express the piano player’s emotion. In my opinion as long as the player is happy with what is being played the musical piece is a success.

Life is not perfect. Never has been never will be, there for a piece of music should not be perfect either. Or maybe what I should say is perfectly imperfect. If you are the composer of a piece then you will pour over the music till it conveys exactly what you want it to, there for being perfect. Sadly, every listener might not agree that it is perfect. As long as it is perfect for you then I say it is. I was being asked today by a lovely gentleman who cam by to install some window tinting on my home. I was practising and he asked me what my favourite piece of music was? I had no idea where to begin with that question so I bumbled my way through an answer but it goes to show the difference in response. Some may know, others won’t?

Now if you are playing a piece that was composed by someone else, you will never, however hard you try, no matter how closely you follow the sheet music, be able to play it exactly the way the composer did in the beginning. This is a beautiful thing about music.

You might play a piece one week when you are madly in love, up tempo, joyful, bright. Then if the dreadful break up happens over the weekend by the next week you could be playing the exact same notes to a slower tempo, depressed, dark. You control the tone of the song each time you sit down to play.

On the other side of the music being played is the listener. No matter how you want your music to sound, you have no control over how your listener will convay it. I personally like dark slow music. It makes me calm and being calm makes me happy. Up beat high energy music makes me nervous, I often feel like things are going to fast with this music playing and that I will not be able to complete the task at hand with fast music playing. I get a lot more done when calm. There are people who are exactly the opposite of this. The fast music helps them work harder and faster, and slow music only hinders them when they are trying to complete a task.

When you are able to play a piece and you are playing for an audience it is a very special thing when you are able to see the emotions you want to covey on their faces. The joy, sadness, fear, excitement and more can be expressed by you through your music and seen on the faces of your audience.
Do your best to know what you want to express through your music, and to know what the composer was trying to express. Work hard to make sure your listener knows what you want to express to them, but be open knowing that they might feel something different emotions then you do while playing it. Music is an art form and with art, there are no wrong emotions.

Being able to express these emotions and feel them as the listener is an amazing gift we have been given. Do your best not to waste your talent. Do not be afraid to express yourself.

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