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Posted on May 22, 2016 in General

Music Through The Ages

Well today was an interesting day. I was having some solar panels installed on my roof today and got chatting to one of the installers. He was well in his 60’s and still working hard. I could se him cringe overtime he got off the roof and walked past the verandah, where I was sitting listening to Metalica. I asked what was wrong and he replied that he wasn’t a fan of that kind of music. ‘What are you into? I asked. ‘Sinatra’ he said. Without missing a beat (pun intended) I put Sinatra on. He was shocked that I even had that on my playlist. He talked for a good half hour about music and how it as evolved and changed in society. This gave me a great idea for this blog….


A Little History of Music

I want us to talk about the amazing amount of musical history we have documented. Music is universal. Playing instruments all together to one piece of music can be done by 5 people with not two of them speaking the same language. Just stop and ponder that for a moment.

Amazing right?


Now let us stop and think about how we have the ability to play the same people played hundreds of years ago because it was so well documented and passed on. Our world would not be what it is now had it not been for the greats taking the time to compose and draft out their musical genius with pen and paper.


Music evolves. It is constantly changing. The ‘crazy inappropriate’ music of the 60’s love era is mild compared to that of today’s sex crazed music. I wish we could strip away all the lyrics of music and see if what remains can still be called music. I have a feeling the top hits of today’s popular music would not be able to be called music. Do not get me wrong, there are still music makers today. Great ones in fact. I just feel their talent is being covered up by all the garbage of today. Maybe that is my age speaking though. Imagine what the ‘music’ will sound like 50 years from now!


Now, back to the past. What great minds we have had in the past with the gift of music. There have been great builders of the world. Great kings and queens. My music loving heart feels that the greats in the music world stand higher than any other greats out there. Think about it, even the Kings and Queens enjoyed the music of their time. It has been loved since biblical times and will continue to be loved till the end of times.

If I was never able to play another instrument in my life I would be very sad, but I would sing. If I was unable to sing I would hum. No humming, I would tap a beat just to hear the rhythms. If I could not even tap a beat, I promise you now there would be a symphony playing with in my mind until I take my very last breath. Music completes my life.

I understand you might not be as crazy about music as I am, and that is fine. I am sure you have a passion all your own that I can appreciate but do not love as much as you do; but I am sure we can agree that music is a staple in every single person’s life. It cheers us up. It calms us down. Sometimes it just helps us breath.
I hope your day is filled with music, in your heart, in your ears, in your walk, and in your talk. May everything you do be musical. I wish for you to have the perfect song for every mood you’re in. I send you good thoughts and lots of musical blessings!

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